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Application of meshs for aquaculture

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the demand for meat, eggs and milk is increasing, the attention is paid to the maintenance of the body, the diversity of food and the health of the attention, especially the requirements of the breeding environment are getting higher and higher. In view of this situation, our company specially launched several cost-effective breeding meshs, hoping to help the breeding users with the application of breeding meshs
Application of meshs for aquacultur001

High quality PVC hexagonal mesh

This kind of PVC hexagonal mesh has, cost-effective, easy construction, convenient for farmers to use, mesh size can be adjusted according to customer requirements, generally used for chicken and duck farming, ring mountain guardrail mesh under the supplement (to prevent small animals drilling into the household residential living area), this kind of PVC hexagonal mesh coated before plastic can be used hot dip galvanized wire woven, electric galvanized wire woven, Or according to the customer’s use requirements and local climate conditions, the use of scenarios to be tailored.

High strength PVC Chain link mesh

This kind of high strength PVC Chain link mesh, strong impact resistance, uniform mesh, color can be customized according to customer usage scenarios and customer preferences, this kind of high strength PVC Chain link mesh can be used to feed large herbivorous livestock such as sheep, horse, donkey, cattle, deer and other livestock, this kind of high strength PVC Chain link mesh can prevent large livestock impact out of the feeding circle, It does not cause great harm to livestock, ensures that the farmer’s livestock is not harmed, and can be used frequently to reduce the farmer’s feeding costs. This high strength PVC Chain link mesh can prevent a long time of exposure to the sun without aging, very recommended.

Temporarily recommend these two kinds of network, later will be introduced to introduce more network class.

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Application of meshs for aquacultur002

Post time: Mar-21-2023