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The use of wire mesh in the new international situation

Russia and Ukraine rushed out since the international various voices emerge in endless stream, various countries’ dignitaries made a variety of remarks, the people of Russia and Ukraine live in the war, the war brought great pain to the people’s life, in order to prevent the war in exile into the country, a number of countries in Ukraine border erected a high anti-climbing fence, with razor barbed wire to prevent personnel from crossing the border.

The use of fence and razor barbed wire 001

Anna Michalska, a spokeswoman for Poland’s border service, moved quickly to announce that a 200-kilometre fence with anti-contact devices would soon be erected along the border with Kaliningrad. She also ordered border guards to install electric razor blades along the border.

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Finland’s border with Russia is reportedly about 1,340 kilometers long. Finland has begun building a 200-kilometer fence along its border with Russia, at an estimated cost of 380 million euros ($400 million), aimed at strengthening security and preventing possible mass migration.

The fence will be more than three meters high and topped with barbed wire, and in particularly sensitive areas, it will be equipped with night vision cameras, floodlights and loudspeakers, the Finnish border guard said. Currently, Finland’s border is protected mainly by a light-weight wooden fence, mainly to prevent livestock from wandering across the border.

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Finland formally applied to join NATO in May last year, and soon after proposed a plan to change its border laws to allow the construction of barriers along its eastern border with Russia. Last July, Finland adopted a new amendment to its Border Management law to facilitate the erection of a stronger fence.
Finnish Border Guard Brigadier General Jari Tolpanen told reporters in November that while the border used to be “in good shape,” the Russia-Ukraine conflict had “fundamentally” changed the security situation. Finland and Sweden had long maintained a policy of military non-alignment, but after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, both began to consider giving up their neutrality and joining NATO.

Finland is moving ahead with a bid to join NATO, a development that raises the possibility that it could steal a march on neighboring Sweden. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto predicted February 11 that Finland and Sweden would be formally admitted to NATO before the alliance’s July summit.

Post time: Mar-21-2023