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Stainless steel rope mesh for zoo animal protection

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Yutai modified products are suitable for different animal specifications, the material is 304, 304A, 316, 316L, silk rope structure is 7×7 rope, 7×19 rope and so on.

We will recommend wire rope diameter, mesh size and installation recommendations for each animal according to customer requirements.

Our Stainless Steel Animal Enclosure Mesh is an extremely strong containment netting suitable for smaller mammals, primates and large birds. Individual mesh knots are double fastened and the netting does not have to be installed under tension. The stainless steel zoo mesh is available in sizes from 25 x 25mm (1″ x 1″) to 125 x 125mm (5″ x 5″). In wire from 1.2mm to 3.2mm (3/64″ to 1/8″) in stainless steel. The hand woven netting is manufactured in 7 x 7 and 7×19 type 304 stainless steel to your requirements.

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Zoo animal mesh  has smooth net surface, unique lines, solid overall structure, generous appearance. Good toughness, anti-climbing ability, impact resistance, collision resistance, not easy to be deformed by external impact damage, good cushioning. The product is good for transportation and installation, light resistance and transparency, long use time, and the surrounding environment into one, played a very good decoration and protection role.Used in all kinds of animal cages, animal enclosures, zoo protection, zoo cages, pet cages large predators and some small animals, etc., adapted to animals such as tigers, lions, leopards, orangutans, monkeys, small cats and some herbivores and so on.


Zoo animal protection mesh has the following incomparable advantages:
(1) Lightweight, high strength, never rust, good softness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, breaking force, the overall structure is strong and durable, the service life is more than 30 years;
(2) Close to nature, green environmental protection, effectively prevent rodents and other animals from biting, give animals a safe and comfortable living environment;
(3) Good perspective, luxurious appearance, novel style, unique charm itself is a big landscape.
(4) Convenient construction, simple installation, suitable for any conditions and environment. Decorative protection of strong late maintenance.


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